Day trip from Dublin: Majestic Howth Cliffs

Even before we moved to Dublin we had heard about beautiful Howth (pronounced “Hoe-th”). Easily accessible by public transit, Howth is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


How to get there: From the city center (Pearse station is centrally located) take a DART northbound to Howth. Enjoy the 30 minute train ride through the city and Irish countryside.

What to wear:  Howth is a seaside village prone to rain, wind, storms, and the occasional ray of sunshine. I wore a knit hat, sweater, heavy raincoat, and Hunters and felt well prepared.

Suggested amount of time: This depends on what you want to do, but anywhere from a half to a full day is sufficient.

Howth Cliff Walk

If you are lucky enough to visit Howth on a sunny day, the Howth Cliff walk is well worth the sore feet the next day. Pick up a sandwich from the Howth market and head up to the cliffs for a dreamy picnic.

Logistics: This walk rounds out to almost a 10K so a sturdy raincoat (it is Ireland after all) and grippy shoes are highly recommended. It took us around 3 hours to complete this walk, but I wish we would have taken it a bit slower. Suggested time of 3.5-5 hours to really enjoy the cliffs.

Howth Market

howth market




On the weekends, Howth market opens it’s doors to up to twenty-five market stalls ranging from fresh produce, breads, candles, candy, and even a creperie. Well worth a visit rain or shine.





Other points of interest

Howth collage



After walking the cliffs my feet were falling off so we headed back home to rest up for the week ahead. Some places recommended to us that we plan to visit in the future –

  • Fish and Chips: Any restaurant on the West Pier
  • Historical site: St. Mary’s Abbey




Have you ever been to Howth? Comment below with your recommendations! Happy walking!

– Boots not Roots

Day trip from Dublin- Cliffs of Howth



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  1. Denice Wisniewski March 20, 2016 — 6:05 pm

    I like that you covered how to dress for this excursion. Besides walking that far is there another way to get to the top for those who are not physically able to make such a journey?


  2. Ah lovely Howth cliffs! Some great posts here


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